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Caribbean Camistry

Camistry is officially the first professional live stream studio based on Curaçao to offer online models the opportunity to work on the biggest premium and freemium platforms in the world.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to train, support and guide our models how to be high entertaining performers

It’s no secret that good online performers 

gain enormous revenue they make a lot of money because the world wide demand is growing more and more people want to spend time and money being interactive 

with someone special meeting their desires.

All this is happening online virtually 

So there is never any real physical contact

or risks involved for both parties making this a clean and safe solution.

How does it work?

Work as a professional online model from a secure and safe environment and gain huge pay outs every two weeks


Work as a professional online model from a secure and safe environment and gain huge pay-outs every two weeks

If you want to be a online model with us all you have to do is register here on the site or write: 


whatsapp +59995209622


We will provide you with all the necessary 

Information to get started with us

Pay outs & Working hours

Professional photo&video shoots

Pay outs 💰 

We pay out our models every 2 weeks 

They can track their earnings real time and will eventually have their own personal Epayment card that works on every atm worldwide.

Every model will be scheduled a minimum of a 6 hour shift 

5 days a week

She is allowed to stay longer if she wants 

When the model continuesly stays in private sessions or she has a lot of traffic in her chatroom with members sending her tokens for her shows the shift can be extended up to

12 hours but this is up to the model to decide.

Every model has monthly atleast 1 photo shoot and one video shoot.

This is in favor of the model 

because members will be triggered to check out the model after seeing fresh new content is being updated frequently.

Also members will pay for this extra content so even if the model is offline she will continue to gain profits.

We will also organize special events where we film and take pictures for marketing purposes 

The models are free to decide if they want to participate in these promotional video and photo shoots.

Why Curaçao?

Many potential amazing models 

Models speak English,Spanish and Dutch.

Papiamentu will not be necessary since the Dutch Antilles and most of South America will be geo blocked 

Good fiber optic Internet 

Great outdoor photo and video settings

Which will give us a unique image 

There are already thousands of successful cam studios around the world 

There are many cam models online so how do we compete?

Camistry brings a whole new category

(Caribbean)to the business we are the first Caribbean studio broadcasting.

There is no limit to where the Camistry concept can lead

We are ready for the future

With the latest interactive toys and VR solutions 

We are working with high advanced equipment providing the cleanest stream and most sexy fun entertainment in the game


Independent Models worldwide can spend time in the Caribbean on a Camcation

live cam resort

We are on a unique location in the Caribbean operating as the only cam organisation in this region

Curacao is a vacation destination we open our doors to all independent models to the first live cam resort

Here we have a professional team of cam specialists that knows how to provide the right support and we have specially equipped cam rooms available.

Something like a B2B B&B for cam models a vacation becomes a camcation the ideal way to further monetize business and pleasure

Menasa feat Aida Cortes Camistry Anthem

Camistry Weekend Party

Model tutorial

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